Newest Addition to Australian Exports’ Chain Service

By Hari Yellina
Representational Photo by Andy Li on Unsplash

Under the new service launched by the Australian Government, Australian exporters of perishable goods would have access to real-time data on supply chains and logistics. The advising service, which will aid exporters in navigating “new-look” supply chains and a modified international trade climate, was unveiled today by Minister of Trade and Tourism Don Farrell. Getting their products to foreign clients is one of the major persistent hurdles for exporters, according to Mr. Farrell. “This new supply chain service will provide Australian exporters with the real-time information and insights they need to manage complicated global supply chains starting on August 1 2022.” The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) will provide the Export Supply Chain Service, building on the extensive array of services presently offered to exporters.

As the International Freight Assistance Mechanism (IFAM) comes to an end, small and medium-sized businesses will continue to get assistance from the Export Supply Chain Service. During the peak of the global pandemic, IFAM was a temporary, focused emergency response that kept vital airfreight supply routes affected by COVID-19 interruptions running. Businesses must adapt to the changing global commercial climate, according to Air Vice-Marshal Margaret Staib, the Australian Government Freight Controller. “While international trade routes are being reopened, businesses must reevaluate and adapt to the existing trading environment. Although pre-COVID supply chains are different, there are still chances for companies who are willing to innovate and adapt, according to AVM Staib.

“IFAM assisted in halting significant employment losses in the agriculture, aviation, and freight industries. When airfreight collapsed, almost 35,000 direct jobs and over 120,000 indirect jobs in agricultural, seafood, aviation, and logistics were at stake. Exporters must now adjust to the new world of supply chain challenges as IFAM will be closing its doors on June 30. We’re here to help them get the insights and information they need to achieve that.

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