Local Coffee Beans Supplied by Howe Farming Group

By Hari Yellina
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Howe Farming Group, a coffee farmer on the Atherton Tablelands, will sell 10 tonnes of local coffee beans to Hunt and Brew, an Australian boutique coffee maker. The specialised Arabica coffee beans will be utilised to make an Australian first cold brew coffee product using Australian beans grown on Australian soil. On May 19, at the Howe Farming site north of Cairns, the new alliance was unveiled. Emily Creer, senior brand manager at Hunt and Brew, expressed her delight at the company’s decision to work with growers in the far north. She said, “We are thrilled to be sourcing our coffee beans from Howe Farming Group.” “It is commonly acknowledged that Australia boasts the world’s best coffee culture.

“The caffeine ritual is so embedded in the Australian way of life that it’s a part of our daily routine and important enough to travel a little further to guarantee it meets our standards.” “We know Hunt and Brew will put Australian speciality coffee beans on the map with the quantities we’re buying.” When developing the new cold brew product, Ms Creer stressed the importance of obtaining and supporting Australian-grown beans. “We wanted to deliver Australian coffee fans Australian grown beans, so we searched the globe and discovered the best single origin coffee beans right here in Australia,” she explained. “In the far north Queensland region of the Atherton Tablelands, where the high altitude mountainous region makes for the ideal coffee terroir.”

Ms Creer stated that buying the beans from Far North Queensland will make the company one of the major importers of coffee farmed in Australia. From this month, Woolworths will sell Hunt and Brew Australia single origin cold brew coffee across the country. Woolworths chilled milk category manager Lang Juckes said the business was excited to offer customers a locally produced cold brew coffee for the first time in Australia. “Australians love iced coffee, and we know there’s a significant market for those who want a cold brew that tastes like a cafe,” he added.

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