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ABSC's Annual Gala Dinner held at the Langham in Sydney // Pic supplied

The Australian Business Summit Council Inc (ABSC) launched its third issue of EKONOMOS, the annual business affairs magazine published by this leading management consulting forum.

EKONOMOS presents reports and penetrating appraisals of the current business trends and forces that impact on economic growth by authoritative expert figures in the fields of finance, trade, investment, politics and diplomacy drawn from the Australian and international communities.

The Annual Gala Dinner held at the Langham in Sydney on 5 May also hosted a Who’s Who of business leaders, diplomats and politicians.

ABSC’s president for the fourth consecutive year, Dr Frank Alafaci, welcomed more than one hundred VIP guests and other persons to this signature event. Guests included the Ambassador of Turkey, the High Commissioner of Pakistan, the High Commissioner of Bangladesh, the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Ukraine, the Consuls General of Spain, Austria, Poland, India, Chile, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Turkey, the NSW Minister for Multiculturalism and Seniors, and the state Shadow Minister for Small Business, Multiculturalism and Property.

ABSC’s president for the fourth consecutive year Dr Frank Alafaci // Pic supplied

Since its registration as an incorporated association at New South Wales Fair Trading in late 2018, the ABSC Inc. has served the needs and requirements for Australian businesses to expand, increase profitability, and maximise expectations, ABSC said in a press release.

Under its charter, the ABSC Inc. seeks to promote the bona fide rights of Australian businesses by enhancing Australian entrepreneurship in the domestic market and across the international community.

The Australian Business Summit Council Inc // Pic supplied

Pursuant to this, the Australian Business Summit Council Inc. acts as an intellectual mouthpiece for debates about effective business policies and practices that stimulate a vibrant, sustainable and competitive economic environment with lucrative capabilities for Australian businesses.

ABSC Inc.’s e-newsletter, The Rotator (re-emerging from hibernation during the worst period of the COVID-19 pandemic) pitches to the general and specialised reading public alike, featuring incisive views, opinions, suggestions and solutions to safeguard the Australian economy as a mature, dynamic and sustainable commercial environment and engender trade and investment possibilities with our known regional trading partners and untapped extra-regional import and export markets.

Pic supplied

Under his leadership, Alafaci hopes to expand the organisation rapidly to augment its influence and pervasiveness within the business community in Australia and abroad by actively promoting business investment and innovation into high value-added and technologically advanced sectors and industries, and assisting small, medium-sized and large businesses to further multilateral business relationships within the national economy and extraterritorially.

Towards this end, ABSC is increasing its elaborate links within the Australian and global business networks and continuing to formulate comprehensive policies, measures and recommendations through the Council’s seminars, conferences, partnerships, EXPOs, memoranda of understanding, trade delegations, negotiations with political and business leaders and participation in national and international economic roundtables in order to strengthen trade and investment opportunities for our country’s economic growth performance.

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