Australian Apartment Advocacy shocked at Labor party’s plan to scrap ABCC

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Australian Apartment Advocacy head says Labor’s plans to scrap the Australian Building and Construction Commission will cause serious repercussions amidst slipping standards in construction quality

The peak body, Australian Apartment Advocacy, representing Australia’s 2.5million apartment and unit owners, says it is shocked and disappointed by Federal Labor’s plans to scrap the Australian Building and Construction Commission if it wins the Federal election.

It says, if anything, the Commission deserves more power—not less—to deal with slipping standards in construction quality.

Australian Apartment Advocacy head, Samantha Reece, says the Master Builders Association has shown courage in running an advertising campaign against the Federal Labor move.

“Like the Master Builders, we are shocked by Federal Labor’s plans to scrap or wind back the ABCC,” Ms Reece said.

“The millions of apartment and unit owners in this country need a watchdog to oversee the buildings that are going up, and we have seen some nightmare scenarios like Mascot Towers in Sydney.

“Apartment and unit owners throughout Australia have put up with two decades of declining building standards in this country, and they have been forced to pick up the bill in many cases.

“Those building standards are on the improve but now is not the time to scrap the ABCC, and if anything, it should be given more authority to do its job.”

Ms Reece said she would write to the Federal Labor Leader and other senior Federal Shadow Ministers calling for the ABCC not to be scrapped.

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