Nine-year-old Melbourne boy creates Med-On-Go app

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Aarav // Pic supplied

One thing the past few years have taught us is the difference having a community of people around you can have on your quality of life.

Even if you are stuck at home, you never truly have to be alone. Luckily in the 21st century we are now more connected than ever with so much of the world literally at our fingertips. And thanks to nine year old Aarav, this now includes access to life-saving medications and other prescriptions found at your local pharmacy with his brand new app, Med-On-Go.

Aarav is your normal nine year old who loves watching TV shows, reading books and playing video games. He begs his mum for more Fortnite credits and a puppy—either a Siberian husky or golden retriever ideally. Aarav is also a BYJU’s FutureSchool student, taking his bright ideas and turning them into reality.

During life in lockdown, Aarav noticed a problem worth solving. Med-On-Go connects pharmacists with their customers, allowing customers to simply order their prescriptions and get them delivered without having to leave the house.

“If people are sick or old and they can’t get to the pharmacy and they don’t have any support to pick up their prescriptions, they can just use the app to order and get their medicines delivered,” Aarav said.

From people stuck at home in quarantine to those unable to leave the house on their own, Med-On-Go is there to provide further assistance for those who need it most. By connecting you to your pharmacist without the need to leave your home, you can rest assured knowing help is there wherever you are.

Aarav was able to bring his vision to life creating Med-On-Go in just eight weeks, all with the help of BYJU’s FutureSchool coding classes.

With hands-on classes and one-on-one private tutoring, in just one year with BYJU’s FutureSchool, Aarav has learned all about sequence, HTML, CSS, Widgets, UI/UX design and much more, giving him the tools he needs to solve real world problems and have fun while he’s at it.

With online classroom options for both personal one-on-one tutoring and small learning groups, BYJU’S FutureSchool provides tailored lessons and skill-building exercises using expert educators. Their mission is to empower a whole generation of kids to become creators of technology rather than consumers with research-based curriculums currently including coding for students years 1-12, music for students years 1-12 and math for students years 1-8.

For Aarav, being able to chase his dreams now is empowering, “my teacher’s the best part and I like coding and doing the designs, everything!”

In fact, he’s already looking towards the future, “I’ve built something that will help the world and now I want to build something that will help kids. I want to build gaming apps,” he said.

This also includes building a robot that can act as an in-house teacher so kids can learn from the comfort of their home at their own pace, “I just want to build a robot that will help me relax.”

With dreams of building robots and being a scientist, Aarav has a very bright future ahead of him. And with BYJU’s FutureSchool, the world truly is his oyster.

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