Farm Offers Grazing with Secure Water

By Hari Yellina
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T well-established western district farm provides the assurance of drought resistance. This 170 hectare (420 acre) Knebsworth property is only a short distance from Macarthur and 42 minutes from Hamilton. The farm, according to agents from A1 Real Estate Solutions, provided a significant source of revenue from sheep or cow grazing. With a 60 megalitre irrigation licence, an artesian bore provides 19 troughs over the farm. Throughout the year, particularly the summer months, the prolific volcanic flats produce plenty of fodder. The property’s entire west side is flanked by a permanent creek, with the extra attraction of redfin and eel fishing for the winning bidder. Some of that water can be used for commercial purposes, such as dairy or green feed production.

The fencing on the site is believed to be in good shape, with entry gates leading to 11 paddocks with cattle troughs and electric fencing. The cow and sheep yards are still functional, and the property includes an older style shearing shed. There is also a mechanical shed on the site, as well as plenty of smaller storage sheds. The four-bedroom weatherboard home was built in the 1950s and now boasts a new roof and insulation, as well as an upgraded kitchen with new wiring. Large rainwater storage tanks provide water to the residence. Along with this, a huge two-car garage with workshop/storage is also included. On April 7, at 1 p.m., an online auction for the Knebsworth farm will be held.

Two farm blocks in Gorae West, near Portland, are also for sale through the same agency. On 70ha, the first block is located at 113 Sutton and Bryants Road, 20 minutes from Portland (172 ac). This farm has a huge house as well as the option of purchasing a large-scale dairy operation and a bungalow. On April 13, the block will be auctioned off at the Gorae West Hall. A second Gorae West block will be offered at 1461 Heath Road on the same day and at the same location. This dairy farm has 102 hectares (253ac). This farm is home to a cosy two-bedroom bungalow with a BIR in the master bedroom, an open-plan living and dining area, a good-sized kitchen with an electric oven, and a little breakfast nook.

Prospective bidders have been encouraged by agents to consider buying both of these blocks at auction and combine them into a larger holding. For more information on these auctions, contact Michael Goldby at A1 Real Estate Solutions on 0409 527 029.

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