‘Engaging with Indian expats in USA makes sense’

By Our Reporter

Aussie expat, and former ministerial adviser Nitin Gupta had recently made a call to include engaging with USA’s Indian expat population to be incorporated as part of Australia and Victoria’s India engagement strategies.

Support has been pouring in for Nitin’s suggestion ever since the article went online on The Indian Sun portal and social media pages.

Relator Alap Patel also feels that Nitin’s suggestion makes “economic and common sense”.

Talking about the Australian real estate sector, Alap says ,“USA is the biggest foreign investor in Australian real estate sector. Investors from USA are investing in commercial real estate, new residential developments and other areas—Helping the Australian economy as well as creating jobs.”

“But I don’t see that many Indian Americans investing in Australia real estate sector yet. They are mainly investing in places like UAE, UK, Singapore in the real estate sector, but not significantly in Australia yet. And policy suggestions like what has been recently made by Mr. Nitin Gupta would help in attracting Indian Americans to invest in Australia,” says  Alap who has been dealing a lot with American investors investing in the Australian real estate sector.

“Given that the American Indians are earning nearly twice as much as the median American household, it makes economic and common sense to formally engage with them through a funded government program and policy. We have a big Victorian Indian community and we can help in attracting the investment from American Indians into Victoria and Australia,” he further adds.

Meit Shah with Nitin Gupta in Orlando, Florida

American Indian businessman Meit Shah who did his graduation from Swinburne University, Melbourne also thinks that Nitin’s suggestion “makes commercial sense”, and he is hoping for “consultation and involvement of Australian Indians expats based in USA during the implementation stages of policy as well, rather than just during the announcements and media release.”

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