21 young leaders appointed to work with government

By Our Reporter
Pic source: https://www.youthcentral.vic.gov.au/

A group of 21 diverse and passionate young leaders from across Victoria have been selected for the Andrews Labor Government’s fourth Victorian Youth Congress.

The 2022 Victorian Youth Congress will work closely with decision-makers in the Government to ensure the voices of young Victorians are heard on issues that matter to them.

The Victorian Youth Congress members reflect the state’s diversity with young people from Aboriginal, multicultural and LGBTIQ+ communities.

Members are aged between 12 and 25 and come from rural, regional and metropolitan areas across the state.

The new members will be provided with opportunities and supports to develop leadership and teamwork skills and try a range of new experiences.

The outgoing 2020-21 Victorian Youth Congress members have played a valuable role in supporting young Victorians by promoting health messaging to diverse young people during the pandemic and guiding the design and development of the upcoming Victorian Youth Strategy.

The new youth strategy is being developed following extensive consultation with young people, including the current Victorian Youth Congress and youth sector. It will set a long-term vision to make Victoria the best place to be for all young people.

An unprecedented 584 applications were received from Victorian young people through open recruitment for the 2022 Victorian Youth Congress.

For the full list of new members, visit youthcentral.vic.gov.au

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