Mr. Gabor Lorenz, the founder of Gaabor: Sharing smart life in a youthful manner


MANILA, Philippines, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The smart home appliance brand Gaabor from Germany has established a reliable brand service system by virtue of high-quality products and customer-oriented brand concept. Since its entry in the Southeast Asian market in September this year, Gaabor brand has been giving priority to the focus of young consumers while adhering to the original brand concept.

Recently, Mr. Gabor Lorenz, the founder of Gaabor, showed up at the “Wish List of Double Eleven Shopping Carnival” event launched on the official social media account (Instagram), and shared with Instagramers that:


“As a home appliance brand based in Germany, Gaabor made its debut in Southeast Asia this year. I am very happy that Gaabor’s products have been liked by everyone since they were launched on the Shopee and Lazada platforms, especially the Gaabor air fryers. As the signature product of Gaabor’s, this oil-free air fryer has been selling well in Southeast Asia as expected. At the same time, we also hope that in the future, more young people in Southeast Asia can learn more about Gaabor, use Gaabor products, and get a smart life experience.”

As the founder of the German home appliance brand Gaabor, Gabor Lorenz shared the core technical concept of Gaabor’s oil-free air fryer some time ago. The Gaabor Cyclone air cooling and heating circulation system is devised for cooling food with 360-degree hot air circulation, so that the food is heated evenly and the cooking time is greatly shortened. The Accurate staged precision cooking system and the Oil-Fume filter system can ensure intelligent temperature control and intelligent timing during cooking, which can effectively filter the oil generated, so as to meet the user’s expectations for healthy food with less oil.

Based on Gaabor’s profound technical capabilities, Lorenz expressed his confidence in Gaabor products and actively participated in Gaabor’s interactions with young consumers.

The Gaabor brand launched the “Wish List of Double Eleven Shopping Carnival” event on Instagram, inviting people to take part in interaction on the shopping list, encouraging more young people to boldly express their shopping desires. There were awards for the TOP151 participants to boost the interaction, including Gaabor air friers, Gaabor cookers and motorbikes. Many Filipino stars and content creators also participated in this interactive event.

Share Your Gaabor Wishlist
Share Your Gaabor Wishlist

Taking advantage of German innovative technology, the German home appliance brand Gaabor  focuses on providing people with smart home life experience, keeping up with the trend of the times and giving priority to the needs of young consumers, which hopes to share smart life with more people in a youthful way.

Gaabor, share delicacy dass love.

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