Vasavi Association Victoria celebrates Vasavi Jayanthi at St Kilda Town Hall

By Our Reporter

Vasavi Association Victoria celebrated Vasavi Jayanthi on 22nd May 2021 at St Kilda Town hall in an opulent arrangement. The event was officiated by Nina Taylor, Member of Parliament for Southern Metro. Multicultural Advisor to Premier Mr Vinayak Kolape also attended the event. Guests were welcomed by Vasavi Association Victoria President Satya Kantheti, Honorary Advisory Ram Prasad Vemula and the committee members.

Mr Koteswar Rao who is an elder of the community and has made significant contribution to the association, attended the event. Mr Deepak Vaas Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Victoria also attended the event.

President Satya Kantheti welcomed guests present and promoted harmony among the communities. He further explained significance of Vasavi Jayanthi.

Vasasvi Jayanthi is celebration to commemorate appearance or Birthday of Sri Kanyaka Parmeshwari (popularly known as Vasavi Mata) is a form of Goddess revered in the regions of South India including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and others. As history goes, Vasavi Mata sacrificed her life to avoid the bloodshed and war.

Vasavi Mata’s message to the world is Dharmam-Seelam-Ahimsa (Righteousness-Integrity-Non Violence). In fact Vasavi Mata’s teachings of non-violence is foremost in this world.

Bharath Ratna Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, former President of India, has indeed very rightly described Goddess VASAVI as the first ever known embodiment of non-violence in the world. Her path of non-violence was later tread by Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King and many other peace loving leaders of the world.

At Vasavi Association Victoria stands for the values taught by Vasavi Mata and we spread these teachings of non-violence, self-Sacrifice and harmony in society by way of Community welfare programs.

These values have become part of culture of followers of Vasavi or Arya Vysya community. This is also described in Ancient Scripture such as Bhagavat Purana that reads:

SB 7.11.23
deva-gurv-acyute bhaktis
āstikyam udyamo nityaṁ
naipuṇyaṁ vaiśya-lakṣaṇam

Translation: Being always devoted to the demigods, the spiritual master and the Supreme Lord, Viṣṇu; endeavouring for advancement in religious principles, economic development and sense gratification [dharma, artha and kāma]; believing in the words of the spiritual master and scripture—these are the symptoms of the vaiśyas.

Ms Nina Taylor, Member of Parliament, appreciated efforts of Vasavi Association Victoria’s in community services and also for arranging such grandeur is arrangement of the event. She re-affirmed support of Australian Govt towards all cultures and races. She cited example that recently, Australian Govt sent Covid aide to India that included Ventilators, PPE Kits, surgical Masks, gowns, goggles and Gloves.

Ms Nina Taylor further re-assured her support in future to Vasavi Association Victoria for their community service projects.

Honorary Advisor of Vasavi Association Victoria, Mr. Ram Prasad Vemula addressed the guests, thanked for their presence and Support. He also appreciated the efforts of Committee members in showcasing Vasavi Jayanthi in such large scale. He emphasized that this first Vasavi Jayanthi event celebrated under an official organisation. Until now Vasai Jayanthi has been celebrated in personal capacity.

This event is an Indian tradition celebrated in Australia. As a mark of respect to both countries, all present sang National Anthems of Both countries.

At this event, students of Ragaamrutha music school lead by their teacher Smt Madhuri Vasa presented a classical rendition in glorification of Vasavi Mata.

Vasavi Association president and Committee member thanked Elders of the community, Local and State government, Sponsors, Guest and others for their support.

The committee members of Vasavi Association Victoria are Satya Kantheti, Ravi Desu, Syam Chitrala, Sandeep Kankatala, Visal Dara, Kiran Ramini, Anil Amaravati, Praveen Konda, Karthik Kuragayala, Santosh Kalva and Roopesh Majeti.

This event was supported by Victorian State government, AJ Valley Homes, a1a Homes, Starr Property Group, Thought Financials, Mr & Mrs Cloud, Sweet India and RYA Photography.

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