How a hookah can help save lives in India

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Wayne Tseng

An Australia Indian philanthropist, an Australia Chinese inventor, a hookah, and a bunch of electrically wires may be the solution to getting oxygen for covid sufferers in India. The hookah may attribute to millions of lung cancer cases, but during COVID-19, it may help save lives.

Recognising the urgent need for oxygen in India, Wayne Tseng, president of the Chinese Precinct Chamber of Commerce, founder of Zorin Robotics and also inventor of niche IT tech, came up with this ingenious but simple hack where impoverished Indian nationals can make their own oxygen using readily household items.

It follows the same method submarine crew get their oxygen, but splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis. The highly dangerous hydrogen is safely dissipating away while the almost pure oxygen is available to breath.

“By submersing a hookah in a bucket of water with two electrodes placed underneath and connected to a battery power source, oxygen will start flowing into the hookah and a patient can breeze through the same nozzle as a smoker does,” says Wayne.

“The amount of oxygen generated depends on the size of the apparatus and power used. It is far from a hospital respirator, but it gives impoverished people who does not have access to hospital care a method to extend their chance of survival.”

The Australia Indian philanthropist, who wants to remain anonymous, says, “Such simple hack has already been communicated through the Australian Indian community whom in turn relay back to India. Already hundreds of improved versions have been made and used.”

Wayne will not speculate how many lives will be saved but simply believes if it can even save just one life or make countless sufferers feel easier, the hack has already done its job.

While not all, but a significant portion of the Chinese community only has loyalty to Australia and pledge solidarity with the rest of Australians including other cultural community in the fight against the pandemic, Wayne says, “When our cousins need help, we should assist every possible way we can. Even a small innovation or a hack can go a long way to save lives.”

While hookah in this instance may help to save lives, Wayne does not urge anyone to pick up hookah smoking. He adds, “An hour smoking a hookah can amount to 100 cigarettes. You do not want just to live to die another way.”

The duo says anyone in Australia can help by donating to the following Indian base charity organisations:


Give India is an NGO based in Mumbai organising free oxygen supplies for hospitals. The charity has also set up a campaign called “Lockdown 2.0, Mumbai Needs You”, which plans to distribute 5000 emergency ration kits to civilians who don’t have ration cards or cannot access government support in Mumbai.


Milaap is another charity organising food for the most vulnerable in the hard lockdown, delivering food to COVID patients across Delhi and distributing over 1000 food packets per day to homeless people.

Khalsa Aid

NGO Khalsa Aid is one of world’s largest non-profit humanitarian organisations, delivering free oxygen concentrators to COVID-19 patients who are stuck in isolation in the national capital of New Delhi. Khalsa Aid has set up a hotline on 91156 09005 for anyone in urgent need of a concentrator.

Hemkunt Foundation

Don’t let the name fool you, the Hemkunt Foundation are top blokes. Based in Mumbai, this NGO deals in oxygen cylinders and needs all the help it can get as India faces dire shortages.

Volunteers have even set up a “Free Oxygen Cylinder Drive Thru”, prioritizing people who are in urgent need of oxygen.

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