Worldmate Group: Use Scrigno Pocket Door to Save Space and Save Costs


HONG KONG, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The tiny homes in Hong Kong have forced their owners to make use of every inch of space. Have people ever imagined that they could increase the usable space of their home by 15% or more? Worldmate Group Holdings Limited understands the homeowner’s pursuit for more space. Therefore, it has collaborated with the Italian brand, Scrigno – the world’s largest pocket door manufacturer – to launch their products in Hong Kong. Scrigno’s solutions are not only superior to others on the market but are also space-saving and practical, removing the homeowner’s space and design constraints and providing suitable solutions for different home environments.

SCRIGNO pocket doors offer more useable space, removing the homeowner’s space and design constraints.
SCRIGNO pocket doors offer more useable space, removing the homeowner’s space and design constraints.

Industry Leadership

Scrigno established its headquarters in Italy in 1989 and subsequently set up branches in Spain, France, and the Czech Republic. With its excellent product quality that has been maintained for more than 30 years, Scrigno is one of the global leaders in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of exclusive counter frames for pocket doors and windows. As a global indicator of the industry, the company’s annual output reaches 400,000 sets, exported to 30 countries around the world.

Space-saving and Flexible

This system provides a sliding door that can be concealed, thus freeing a vital 15% extra space compared to traditional sliding doors and enabling savings on space and costs. It is ideal for interiors where it is essential to save space; this includes kitchens, bathrooms, box rooms, and all other rooms in a home.

Quality and 10-Year Warranty

Scrigno is synonymous with quality and guarantee, having undergone multiple product tests to meet the quality system certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. According to ETAG 003:2012 and UNI ISO 7892:1990 standards for hard and soft impact resistance tests, and UNI 820:1981 standards for 100,000 times tests, there were no visible signs of wear or deformation of the products. Moreover, the Scrigno pocket door system has a maximum load capacity of 120 kg. By offering a warranty of 10 years, Scrigno shows its commitment to quality standards.

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