TOJOY and KADIN Established Strategic Partnership


BEIJING, Jan. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On January 6th, TOJOY Shared Holding Group (TOJOY) and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) established strategic partnership via a special online ceremony. Global CEO of TOJOY Ge Jun and Chairman of KADIN Rosan Roeslani signed the Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the two organizations. The important occasion was also witnessed by Ambassador Djauhari Oratmangun and Minister Dino Kusnadi from the Embassy of Indonesia in China.

All leaders held high hopes for the future of such cooperation. According to Global CEO Ge Jun and Chairman Rosan Roeslani, the partnership between TOJOY and KADIN marks a new chapter for not only the two organizations but also the business communities of both countries on the global stage. The TOJOY platform, with its abundant market resource, rich experience and over 1 million registered entrepreneurs, is ready to embrace quasi-unicorn projects from Indonesia and make them a bigger success in the Chinese market. Meanwhile, KADIN is also going to fully utilize its massive network and make the voice of Chinese entrepreneurs heard in the Indonesian market. As TOJOY and KADIN deepens their partnership, the Chinese and Indonesian business communities will also develop a better understanding of each other and engage in more frequent business interactions, which will benefit people from both countries.

The MOU signing by Chairman Rosan Roeslani and Global CEO Ge Jun was witnessed by Ambassador Djauhari Oratmangun and Dr. Dino Patti Djalal
The MOU signing by Chairman Rosan Roeslani and Global CEO Ge Jun was witnessed by Ambassador Djauhari Oratmangun and Dr. Dino Patti Djalal

Founded in 1991, TOJOY operates the largest business expansion and acceleration platform in China and beyond. Over the past 29 years, TOJOY has successfully built a comprehensive and highly efficient online-to-offline platform for business incubation, acceleration and professional services. The platform boasts over 1 million high-net-worth investors and entrepreneurs, hosts over 300 large-scale unicorn fairs a year, and has established a global network with a comprehensive set of business services. TOJOY has now expanded its reach beyond China to North America, Europe, Latin America, ASEAN and other regions by establishing offices in Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Vienna and Mexico City.

KADIN, on the other hand, is the umbrella organization of the Indonesian associations. It is focused on all matters relating to trade, industry and services, and is highly committed to tapping potentials and synergies of the national economy. KADIN is the only nation-wide business organization mandated by law to speak on behalf of private business. 34 regional Chambers and 514 district branches ensure KADIN’s national coverage. Because of this huge network, KADIN is the preferred partner for foreign companies initiating their engagement in Indonesia.

Through the TOJOY business acceleration platform, KADIN is keen to help Indonesian companies access productive business models to do competitive business in China; to find the right partner with the relevant business advise in the field; to help the Indonesian companies to find the relevant business update and opportunities; and to conduct regular business consultation between the two parties on business outlook and opportunities, which are of importance for Indonesian companies. KADIN expects that through TOJOY’s internationally focused outreach and events, it will bring more and more Indonesian entrepreneurs and companies onto the TOJOY platform.

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