The Indian Sun wishes its readers a happy 2021

By Siddharth Suresh

We are finally coming to the end of 2020, a year surreal in more ways than one. COVID-19 has made this year one of unprecedented change affecting so many people in different ways. However, our cover story on Australian women and their initiation to Qoin, the country’s first ever digital currency launched this February, shows there are still milestones that human beings can achieve despite all odds. It is a fascinating story of how women are trying to overcome being a minority in the space of cryptocurrency or digital currency. Good or bad, it makes for an interesting conversation on what makes digital currency a competition or a breakthrough. Hope you enjoy our cover story.

We will be back in the New Year with stories that will perhaps whet your appetite for reading. The Indian Sun is proud of the stories it has produced in 2020 and is thankful to all its readers for all their support.

Do stay connected with us on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. And a very happy New Year to all of you!

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