Global Baby Skincare Brand ‘GOONGBE’ starts Baby 2-Step Care Campaign, ‘With Anna’ Video


– Global baby skincare brand ‘GOONGBE’ launches ‘Baby 2-Step Campaign’

– As part of the campaign, a video promoting healthy skin care tips was presented through ‘With Anna’, a YouTube channel belonging to Anna Park, wife of famous Korean soccer player Joo-ho Park

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In the second half of 2020, the global baby skincare brand ‘GOONGBE’ launched a ‘Baby 2-Step Care Campaign’ in order to announce both their new ‘Baby 2-Step Care’ line, as well as their collaboration with Anna Park, the wife of the famous Ulsan Hyundai FC soccer player Joo-ho Park.

Screenshot from Anna’s YouTube channel, 'With Anna'
Screenshot from Anna’s YouTube channel, ‘With Anna’

Anna is the mother of Naeun, Gunhoo, and Jinwoo, who are all three known and loved in Korea through Korea’s famous parenting TV program. She also runs her own YouTube channel, ‘With Anna’. Showcasing her normal daily life with her children, the channel has been getting a lot of attention, drawing in over 220,000 subscribers within a month of its debut. In preparation for the cold winter, one of her recent popular videos introduced her viewers to tips on Western-style and Korean-style baby food recipes that are beneficial for children’s immunity, as well as skin care routines to keep children’s skin healthy against the cold dry weather.

Netizens who watched the video responded enthusiastically, saying, “This is good food to feed to babies, so I’m going to have to follow the recipe!”, “I use GOONGBE products on my children, but it’s so amazing to see that Anna uses the same products!”, and “I trust everything that Anna does.”

The GOONGBE Baby 2-Step Care introduced in Anna’s video is a skin care line that cultivates the natural strength of a baby’s skin through two steps: gentle cleansing and deep moisturizing. The first step, ‘Shampoo & Bath’, gently cleanses with the help of weakly-acidic bubbles, and the second step, ‘Moisture Lotion’, strengthens the skin barrier with triple-moisturizing ingredients. Having gone through hypoallergenic testing for sensitive skin types, as well as testing to ensure it doesn’t cause any irritation to the eyes, this line can be used with confidence on all children, even newborns.

“Considering that the first skin care products that a baby meets influences their skin’s health, the Baby 2-Step Care line focuses on nurturing the natural health of the baby’s skin, whilst strengthening the skin barrier,” says a GOONGBE representative. “After washing your face with ‘Shampoo & Bath’, you can balance the skin’s pH as well as increase its moisture content by following up with the ‘Moisture Lotion’.”

GOONGBE is a premium natural skincare brand inspired by the skincare secrets of Korea’s historical royal family. GOONGBE takes pride in the in-depth research and careful selection processes for their natural ingredients that are beneficial to skin health and is loved by many for its gentle and safe products that can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

GOONGBE 'Shampoo & Bath' 'Moisture Lotion'
GOONGBE ‘Shampoo & Bath’ ‘Moisture Lotion’

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