Concealed Cisterns Myths Debunked by Geberit


SINGAPORE, Nov. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Concealing the bulky cistern behind the wall is great for creating more bathroom space. However, misconceptions about the reliability and durability of Geberit concealed cisterns may derail homeowners and designers from achieving their desired modern bathroom.

Debunking the common myths about concealed cisterns.
Debunking the common myths about concealed cisterns.

Small living space is not a new phenomenon in Asia. Bathroom construction is getting trickier with the shrinking space and simultaneously growing demands for easier cleaning, better reliability and luxurious designs.

Bathrooms are arguably one of the most important rooms. A 2017 research study by Geberit found that the bathroom was the most popular place for sanctuary in the home and an escape for many from our always-on world. Despite the importance of bathrooms, they are usually the smallest rooms on the property.

This is where concealed cisterns can make a huge difference. Concealed cisterns are commonly used in small bathrooms to maximise every square inch of the room. By hiding the bulky cistern behind the wall, space is saved and the bathroom instantly looks less busy.

Despite the clear advantages concealed cisterns have to maximise space, misconceptions that they are unreliable, costly, and difficult to install still persist.

Difficult to maintain?

60 million concealed cisterns were installed for their durable, long-lasting and future-safe technology. Moreover, The first concealed cisterns installed in Hotel Eiger in Switzerland was functional for over 50 years without failure.

Tricky installation?

Enjoy simple, safe and tool-free installation for practically any building situation and installation type. Wall-Hung WC’s mounted on concealed cisterns are tested for loads up to 400kg.


Fast installations and the reduced need for maintenance results in quicker revenue. Additionally, the 25 years availability of spare parts and customisable design of actuator plates opens possibilities for future functions.

Ultimately, concealed cisterns are not only the best solution to current challenges, it benefits everyone – end-users, home owners, installers and planners.

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