Murder, drugs & WhatsApp—the Bollywood Horror Show

By Bhushan Salunke
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No, this is not the title of a Hollywood movie styled after “Sex, lies and videotape”. Murder, drugs and Whatsapp are now the talk of the tinsel town Mumbai.

India is being ravaged by Covid19 and is soon to become the worst affected country in the world, the economy is spiralling downwards and farmers are on strike, but the one thought on every Indian’s mind is, “What will Kangana say next?”

Since the alleged suicide death of Sushanth, India is in a shark feeding frenzy. Social media, press and TV are in overdrive reporting on the developments in Bollywood, blow by blow.

Bollywood is not pure as the driven snow. It is common knowledge that Bollywood is a cesspit controlled by the underworld, fuelled by black money, actors with links to mafia, tightly controlled and dominated by groups indulging in nepotism. Sex, drugs and rock n roll are part of the Bollywood lifestyle with the casting couch the most used piece of furniture.

What started off as an attack on nepotism in Bollywood, the situation has now reached a stage in which investigation authorities are looking into murder and drug charges and they are trawling through WhatsApp messages of Bollywood celebrities to uncover their links to drugs, mafia and murder. Prominent actors have been summoned and questioned about their involvement in drug dealing and consumption.

Drug use is so commonplace in Bollywood, even Kangana has admitted to having been a drug addict. Drugs must be “weed”ed out of the industry. It was Bollywood which made us sing, “Dum maro dum”, years ago.

Kangana is leading the assault on Bollywood with her daily tirade on other Bollywood actors and politicians. Kangana, who had played the role of “Jhansi ki Rani” in a movie, has grown into the role and is acting like a modern-day “Jhansi ki Rani” bent upon ending the colonisation of Bollywood by some. A cat fight is on amongst Bollywood women, each one calling the other names. “#MeToo allegations are back on the table

Like a typical Bollywood potboiler movie, full of twists, turns and emotions, Kangana has managed to keep the spotlight on herself. Her office was demolished by the state government, in retaliation to her likening Mumbai to Pakistan occupied Kashmir. She has been provided top security by the central government and a tantalising prospect of entering politics. The events are also turning into a political showdown.

In all this flurry of excitement, which is holding the Indians captive and spellbound, Shushant Singh Rajput is now a distant memory.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author

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