Australia re-opens doors to investment from high net worth migrants

By Our Reporter
Darling Harbour, Sydney // Image by Patty Jansen from Pixabay

Leading wealth manager Atlas Advisors Australia has commended the Australian Government for listening to the needs of business and the economy by recommencing the issuance of 188 visas and allocating interim places prior to the Budget under the Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP).

Executive Chairman of Atlas Advisors Australia Guy Hedley said the states and territories, including important business centres of NSW and Victoria, had taken the important step of opening their doors to applicants to the 188C Business Innovation and Investment visa following the Australian Government’s interim allocation of places.

“We commend the Australian Government and the states and territories for recognising the important role business migration plays in driving our economy,” Mr Hedley said.

“This will have a tremendous impact on the post-pandemic recovery of business. It will assist Australian businesses and entrepreneurs to counter the lack of availability of domestic capital investment. We encourage the Australian Government to go further by prioritising its review of the BIIP to maximise the benefits to the economy in a post-pandemic era.”

Mr Hedley said the doors to the country were just reopening, yet Atlas Advisors Australia already seen a dramatic increase in interest from high net worth migrant investors including from destinations such as Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong is a vibrant business destination with many rich and highly experienced entrepreneurs and businesspeople,” he said. “These migrant investors are keen to help stimulate business and employment through ventures in their new homeland.”

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