ACG School Jakarta’s Student-Led Activities Help to Drive Positive Change in Community


With a focus on both the environment and the performing arts, many of ACG School Jakarta’s student-led initiatives are working to positively impact the school community and surrounding area.
JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Developed to provide students with an array of external school projects in which they take active leadership roles, ACG School Jakarta continue to unveil an inspiring collection of student-directed programmes. Established by a group of secondary students, with the guidance of ACG teaching staff, these initiatives range from dynamic environmental movements to entertaining live music. They are designed to promote an entrepreneurial mentality with an emphasis on creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Coral Plantation at ACG School Jakarta “We inspire students to make an impact by following a method of real-life learning. Giving students the freedom to design and run their own programmes motivates them to constantly think strategically and puts them on a path to master their intellectual, social and leadership skills in the future,” said Shawn Hutchinson, Principal of ACG School Jakarta. Following the inquiry-based approach of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, ACG School Jakarta focuses on a clear vision to help students become creative problem solvers who are confident users of technology and develop entrepreneurial mindsets. Highlighting the importance of learning experiences beyond the classroom setting, students are encouraged to establish entirely new systems and enterprises to promote positive change. Eco-Warriors: The Eco-Warriors are ACG School Jakarta’s environmental action group whose role is to reinforce the awareness of sustainable living inside and outside of the school community. The initiative has introduced regulations to encourage the use of recycled paper for printing, to minimise waste, and to reduce the amount of plastic on campus. Since its foundation in 2015, the Eco-Warriors have been working hard to improve their school environment. They have also been a force in the wider community, participating in the annual ‘Clean Up Jakarta Day’ event. Once a year they invite hundreds of student volunteers, parents, and staff to help collect inorganic trash and recyclable material from Jakarta streets and environs. Now, because of the Eco-Warriors’ efforts, the school is one step closer to receiving a Green Flag International Award and becoming a globally accredited well-managed green space area. “We’re continuously looking to improve ourselves through acquiring different skills; from writing to problem-solving and identifying issues that inspire people,” said Ghina Watiman, ACG School Jakarta student and Eco-Warriors inaugural member. “We believe this will optimise our team’s efforts to obtain a sustainable mindset within themselves and the community.” KarangKita: The KarangKita programme was founded in June 2019 to engage students in the preservation and restoration of one of the sea’s greatest treasures: coral reefs. It was born from a fundraising campaign that students implemented to produce and sell pins to help finance the establishment of coral plantations. Throughout this project students have absorbed many valuable lessons including teamwork, organisation, and management processes, along with ways in which to foster individual resourcefulness. From fabricating hand-made merchandise to implementing their own marketing strategy, they have been required to think innovatively and independently to make the product a success. “Our efforts paid-off when we saw the formation of our first coral plantation in Kiluan Dolphin Lampung last year,” explained Head Girl Alisha Kemp, who is an active participant in the KarangKita. Café Society: Established in September 2019, the Café Society provides a platform for ACG Jakarta’s exceptional musicians to explore their talents and share their skills by performing during the lunchtime period. Three times a week, the school cafeteria is transformed into a mini concert venue as each entertainer takes the stage. “The main objective is to inspire creativity at our school, especially for the ACG secondary students,” said Lina Hutchinson, Year 12 Prefect and founding member of the Café Society. “This also provides a great opportunity for students and teachers to interact and have fun while they’re having lunch.” The Café Society invites students to challenge themselves and their musical ambitions, while performing before their peers builds confidence and self-belief. The students focus on providing dynamic individual sets, along with mentoring new performers in an encouraging and supportive atmosphere. ACG School Jakarta’s commitment to realising their vision enriches students with experiential learning and real-life practices. Through these initiatives they foster the development of compassion, empathy, and the desire to be a positive force for change in the future. About ACG School Jakarta: An international school for a global education, ACG School Jakarta provides outstanding academic services with proven quality and results in a values-driven, supportive, and diverse environment. Situated in South Jakarta and easily accessible to the Ring Road, it places a strong emphasis on academic learning, creativity, innovation, international curriculum, and the highest quality teachers. ACG School’s dedication to developing the individual is also reflected in their co-curricular activities, including a wide range of music, sporting, cultural and leadership opportunities. Through top quality teaching, well-equipped classrooms, pleasant outdoor areas, and a caring environment, ACG School Jakarta offers a modern, safe, and highly stimulating place of learning. Media Contact: Shawn HutchinsonPrincipal, ACG School JakartaEmail: Tel: (021) 2978-0200 Photo – Related Links :

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