Homoeopathy can help in fight against Covid-19 by boosting immunity, says leading Indian doctor

By Jit Kumar
Dr AU Ramakrishnan

Dr AU Ramakrishnan, also the homeopathic physician to the President of India, on why the Indian government has recommended the use of this alternative system of medicine as a preventive measure

In 1796, German physician Samuel Hahnemann created homoeopathy as a system of alternative medicine, based on the doctrine similia similibus curentur, meaning, “like cures like”.

Over the centuries, while some countries have rejected the pseudoscience of homoeopathy as “ineffective”, several others have embraced the practice and supported it.

And in this times of health crisis, the alternative system of medicine has seen more adoption in various parts of the world—be it Brazil or Cuba. In India particularly, the government has officially recommended the use of homoeopathy in the fight against Covid-19.

The Indian Sun spoke to the face of India’s homoeopathy, Dr AU Ramakrishnan, also the homeopathic physician to the President of India, about the benefits of this alternative system of medicine against the deadly coronavirus. Here are the excerpts:

There’s a lot of debate going on over the effectiveness of homoeopathy against a serious health emergency like Covid-19. What is your take on the issue?

The debate over the effectiveness of homoeopathy has been raging for well over half a century, and will never subside. But let me tell you that homoeopathy is effective against coronavirus. In fact, homoeopathy plays a crucial role in boosting immunity, which is exactly what is needed in the battle against the coronavirus—to prevent it as well as to help patients recover.

■ India’s Ayush Ministry, which promotes alternative systems of medicines in this country, has advocated the use of Arsenic Alb 30 homeopathic medicine as a preventive treatment against Covid-19. Do you think the medicine can really ward off infections of the new strain of coronavirus?

The Ayush Ministry is very much part of the Indian government and its fight against Covid-19. The Ministry has notified that consumption of Arsenic Alb 30 on empty stomach for three days in a row and repeating the dosage after a month is an effective preventive measure against the deadly virus, which has already claimed the lives of over 300,000 people worldwide.

Various countries have also started relying on homoeopathy—both Cuba and Brazil for instance, have distributed homeopathic medicines free of cost to vulnerable people as a preventive measure. In India, Kerala has also distributed five million vials of the homeopathic medicine against Covid-19.

I too advocate the use of the medicine particularly at a time when the world is yet to develop a vaccine against the virus, even though critics may demand clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of the medicine.

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