Melbourne artist to live stream his art

By Our Reporter
Sedunath Prabhakar

Melbourne-based artist Sedunath Prabhakar will go live on The Indian Sun Facebook page on Tuesday at 8 PM to spread the joy of his artistic expression with The Indian Sun audience

Sedu started his career as an artist in the Jain temple in Gujarat called “Aradhanadham”. Originally from Kerala, Sedunath is a well-known artist in the Melbourne art circles who has participated in several exhibitions across the country. “I discovered my passion for painting since I could distinguish different colours. I started my career as an artist in “Aradhanadham””,

“My first solo exhibition was in Kerala in 2001. It was a series of oil paintings titled ‘God of Religion’ in which I made an attempt to unravel the unholy nature of religion’s interplay in society. I conducted two more solo exhibitions in Kerala. I had an opportunity to exhibit some of my paintings in a group exhibition held in Delhi in 2004,” said Sedunath, who will go live at 8 PM for about 20 minutes.

Sedunath has participarted in several group exhibitions in Australia. In 2015, Sedunath did a solo exhibition named ‘Pride of Australia’ in Australia, showcasing a series of portraits of fifty eminent Australians. ‘Pride of Australia’ exhibition was held in Parliament of Victoria in May 2017. Sedunath has also exhibited his paintings in the Fine Arts Society of Oman.

Sedunath runs a school of Arts and Music named “Kalakshetra” in Melbourne and has been working on his art school since 2015. During his live stream, Sedunath will try and present a situation trying to convey the notion of how gods are irrelevant, “even though human being still celebrate their absurd presumptions and go to more primitive age.”

Catch him livestreaming his work at 8 PM on 5 May, 2020.

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