New delivery app to offer restaurants a lifeline

By Our Reporter

A Gold Coast software developer has launched a revolutionary app to help Queensland’s struggling restaurateurs survive the COVID-19 crisis

Netvision Software’s has been designed to give power back to restaurants after the industry’s home and office food delivery giants began charging 30-40 per cent commissions.

“In this era of take-away service only, we have designed a solution where restaurateurs can connect with their customers directly, serve food that arrives at the right temperature and in the best possible condition and they get to keep all their profits,” Managing Director Manish Khanna said.

“Right now, in the middle of the social distancing and lock down restrictions, the smaller restaurant operators are paying extortionate delivery commissions just to retain their regular customers.

“The app we have developed in response to the pandemic is without long-term contract obligation and is set to provide some financial relief to one of our most distressed local industries,” he said.

The 25-year online business development practitioner said the app, which can run on iOS and Android operating systems, allows all the restaurant to tailor its’ data and keep and manage it in one place.

“ was developed in response to the pandemic. It has no long-term contract obligation and is set to provide some financial relief to one of our most distressed local industries”

This includes the taking of orders, menu offerings and prices, one-off and customer loyalty promotional deals, and live-time delivery updates.

Mr. Khanna says local employment will also be boosted by delivery drivers employed by the restaurants.

“The restaurateurs simply haven’t had easy technical capacity to manage their own deliveries before and have had no option but to have their profit margins decimated by the established delivery firms.

“Now we are giving the power to control what goes out their door and when it goes to the people who create the food,” he said.

With a handful of restaurants already using the system, Mr. Khanna said he is looking for one hundred restaurants to sign up as members over the coming month.

“We just charge a small monthly administration fee with no commissions or additional charges, but for the next three months those first hundred will pay no set up fees or monthly charges.

“It’s our way of using our software development skills to help a really important driver of our economy to temporarily adapt to a rapidly changing service environment with the least amount of financial pain.”

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