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Why KK of Starr Property Group joined the Qoin movement

Kanwalljit or Sonu KK as he is better known, founder & OIEC/Director of Starr Property Group, Caroline Springs, has always strived to make real estate goals an all-inclusive and hassle free process by serving up clients with options tailor-made to their needs. KK recently joined the Qoin movement, a digital community that’s fast growing in Australia giving merchants and consumers more options to do business with.

As a long time business owner and executive, KK believes in delivering on his commitments. His success is truly owed to his wonderful clients and lifelong friendships he has developed with them over the years. Now, of course, to make the processes more seamless, KK has joined the Qoin movement, which offers participating vendors the opportunity to increase their base of buyers by accepting Qoin as payment. KK is one of the first real estate agents to join Qoin. When asked why he took the lead in embracing digital payments in the real estate sector, he was quite bullish about the space: “With the Covid-19 crisis, there’s going to be a huge liquidity crunch in the market. Finding credit may get harder. That shouldn’t stop us from buying and selling real estate. I firmly believe the real estate sector will thrive if it starts using Qoin in transactions. It will increase liquidity for buyers and if sellers start accepting a portion of their sale proceeds in Qoins, it’s a win-win,” said KK.

Following the Covid-19 crisis, there’s going to be a huge liquidity crunch in the market. Finding credit may get harder. That shouldn’t stop us from buying and selling real estate

“As my client, your needs, goals, and interests are my number one priority. I’m a new age real estate agent and I know how to service real estate clients in the digital age. More millennials are investing in digital assets and it will be unwise not to find a bridge between digital assets and the real estate sector. It’s just about leading and being smarter, said KK who is pioneering a new way of servicing sellers and buyers of real estate.

“I am always available to clients, should they need questions answered, and I promise to keep them well-informed throughout the entire process so no opportunities are missed,” says KK. Qoin has over 1200 registered merchants in its ecosystem with more real estate agents exploring opportunities for their clients in the digital asset space.

Having an extensive real estate and development experience of more than a decade, KK also has a large and loyal client base which speaks volumes to his high level of service and dedication.

KK leads the Starr Property team with passion, clear communication, being respectful, by setting exemplary reliability and above all by influencing core areas of real estate.

KK is not only a sought-after and well-regarded real estate agent but he is also an integral role model who is “enabling everyone” to dream and achieve their real estate goals.

If you are interested in advice on how to sell and buy property or perhaps increase your real estate portfolio in creative and successful ways, do not hesitate to contact KK.

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