Lifestyle coach’s ‘Easy Fitness’ perfect for quarantine

By Our Reporter
Sherry Bali

Sherry Bali, who recently joined the Qoin movement, says the decentralised personal health training will help women stay fit from the comfort of their homes

Stay indoors, stay healthy, stay fit, urges Sherry Bali, Australia’s leading lifestyle coach, motivational speaker and certified personal trainer who has encouraged thousands to think and eat healthy, feel beautiful and strong, workout and be active through her award-winning challenges and health programs. Her mission is to empower others with good health by making simple and healthy lifestyle choices.

With the pandemic making outdoor movement difficult, Sherry encourages people to work out from within their homes. She has successfully created a huge online community of women who gain from her expertise in living a healthful life, as she believes good health is not a goal, it is a lifestyle. “Good health is the greatest asset we have and we should eat right and exercise right in order to achieve the best results,” says Sherry, who is among the latest to embrace Qoin, which she believes is the future of currency.

“Good health is the greatest asset we have and we should eat right and exercise right in order to achieve the best results”

Sherry’s programs are simple, yet effective and her passion inspires women around the globe to focus on their fitness. She runs numerous free challenges to help the community, in addition to popular challenges like her ‘Pro-active fitness’ and ‘Kickstart’ Challenges; Sherry has also established an elite, ongoing membership program known as ‘Easy Fitness’, which has help decentralised personal health training and women can easily stay fit from the comfort of their homes, which makes it perfect for a time of crisis such as this. Her challenges and programs provide women with the required tools, inspiration and knowledge to transform their body and mind so that they can live a more healthy and zestful life.

Sherry has devoted herself to her affectionate ‘female fitness’ community as she continues to enrich lives through better health, empowering mindset, positive attitude and lots of love. She lives with her husband and two children in Melbourne, Australia.

Her message today: Stay Healthy, Stay fit and Stay safe!!!

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