Eight-year-old Tris to sing on Lockdown Diaries

By Our Reporter
Thridevya (Tris) Deepak

Singer and song writer Thridevya Deepak—Tris as she calls herself—has been singing and recording her voice for five years now. Considering she is just eight now, it means she got into the world of performing arts at three! In addition to singing on a variety of stages, eight year old Tris got a busking permit at the age of 7 and continues her electro pop style busking.

In 2016, Tris, after a soul-stirring performance at Federation square, Melbourne, won a People’s Choice Award for a singing competition called ‘Celebrate India—sing for Diwali competition”. Tris’ most brilliant achievement was when she confidently performed in front of a more than 2,000 member audience at Palais theatre, Melbourne.

In the past, Tris—who incidentally was born in Melbourne—has done many cover songs in different languages including Western, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam, and now she is steadily working on song writing. Songs from Tris’ upcoming musical album called Candy Castle will stay in your head long after you have heard them.

She will perform on Sunday 26th April 2020.

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