A ‘Lockdown Mobile Project’ for musicians to create videos

By Our Reporter
Pulak Bose

Melbourne singer and composer Pulak Bose explains how he launched a complete video project for musicians

COVID-19 lockdown has forced all of us to be at home during these days. As a composer, it became extremely difficult for me to collaborate with musicians and singers for new projects, since it was not possible to get anyone into my studio.

While I was thinking of innovating and doing something differently, this idea came to my mind. I was looking at my phone and thinking how best can I use it other than taking photos or browsing on social media. We all know by now, how mobile phones have evolved and mobile cameras have made many other digital cameras obsolete these days. I thought of exploring what it can do when it comes to creating music.

I was already aware of karaoke singing apps like StarMaker and Smule. These apps punch a track and a vocal together with some compression and reverb on it to make you feel you are singing in a studio. But as a composer, I was looking for something more. Something that can let me create my own music. My own melodies, my own chord progressions, my own arrangement with various instruments like guitar, piano, violin, drums etc.

The ‘Lockdown Mobile Project’—which is a complete music video package with audio and video recorded and produced on nothing but my mobile phone

The more I researched, the more this idea solidified in my head. I was now one level up from instruments and chords, thinking of sound engineering, thinking how I can actually emulate a multi track mixing environment with all plug-ins purely on my mobile—in the exact way as I would have done in my studio. I tried some good apps which helped me do these things and the result was promising.

However, being a video producer myself, I couldn’t stop myself at just the audio production. I felt why not create a video, with all special effects like green screen and fuzzy backgrounds cutting from one scene to another. Easier said than done, I researched again, and finally came up with a complete music video project—I call it the ‘Lockdown Mobile Project’—which is a complete music video package with audio and video recorded and produced on nothing but my mobile phone.

You can watch Pulak’s video creation on his platform here.

Pulak Bose is a Technical Director by profession. With a strong passion for music and screen industry, he has formed the brand “Imagonic Motion Media”. Imagonic works with audio / video production, original songs, music videos, DoP, short films—all managed by Pulak and his talented team.

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