Bartercard pledges support to every Australian business owner…

By Our Reporter

…who has suffered due to Covid-19

Bartercard International, the world’s largest Barter Trade Exchange, established in Australia almost 30 years ago, has pledged support to every Australian business owner or individual that has suffered a business closure or job loss due to Coronavirus.

The company said it has created its own mini-stimulus package that will see every Australian that has lost their job or suffered a business closure, due to the ravages of Coronavirus, paid $1,000 in Bartercard “trade dollars” that can be spent with approximately 10,000 Bartercard small business merchants in every state and territory across Australia.

Bartercard has thousands of small business merchants in almost every industry category ranging from cafes, hairdressers, plumbers, bicycle shops, accountants and mechanics to giftware, sporting goods, tradies, lawyers and home maintenance to name just a few.

The individuals and SME recipients will also be given the opportunity to generate much needed income by listing their unwanted home goods, cars, bikes, caravans as well as business inventories, goods, vouchers and assets on the Bartercard trading platforms

The stimulus package, to be known as “Barter-Assist”, will not attract fees and will apply to all Australian residents that lost their jobs and have a certificate of separation or termination letter from their former employer.

Bartercard is a membership based organisation operating for more than 29 years that is normally open only to business owners. Bartercard operates in six countries around the world and has over 20,000 cardholders in Australia and New Zealand combined.

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