Transform yourself with the Divas wellness program

By Our Reporter

There is an overwhelming number of coaching, fitness and wellness programs available for women, but choosing the right one that nurtures all of an individual’s goals, values and personal development is almost next to impossible.

Not to mention the cost and time involved.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to carve out some “me time” at the end of the day, to unwind.

The Diva Empowering Women wellness program hopes to change that. The total wellness program organised by non-profit Australian Multicultural Association Incorporation gives women from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to transform themselves physically mentally and emotionally.

The program includes sessions on fitness, nutrition, dance, yoga and meditation as well as ropes in motivational speakers. There are also workshops conducted on styling, grooming, makeup, hairstyling, professional readiness program to help equip women for the professional world.

Every participant will undergo a model training session from a professional, and workshops and tips from a modelling and makeup company. A model photoshoot from a professional fashion photographer is also included.

The program ends with a “Transformation Show” where women will showcase their talent and celebrate their journey and achievements together with family and friends.

There will also be an opportunity for interested and talented participants to showcase their talent in “The Divas” short film, ads and others which will telecast in AMA TV, YouTube channel and other partnered channels.

The objective of this program is to empower women by supporting them to prioritise their well-being, health, lifestyle and aspirations. It is also an opportunity and a platform for women from diverse backgrounds to connect, appreciate, respect and build lifelong friendships.

For further information visit spots available, register your interest today!

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