Chirnside Park Oval redevelopment complete

By Our Reporter

With much of Australia experiencing a drought, Wyndham Council is doing all they can to preserve water, a precious resource.

The City has almost completed the redevelopment of the sports oval at Chirnside Park in Werribee.

Environment and Sustainability portfolio holder Cr Heather Marcus said Council had installed a new irrigation system at the oval and replaced the playing surface with a natural grass—called Santa Ana Couch—that requires less water to stay green.

“Council has invested a total of $2.4 million to replace the playing surfaces of ovals at Chirnside and Galvin Parks, with the latter to be finished by March,” Cr Marcus said.

“With summer and hot days upon us, the benefits of the Chirnside Park Oval redevelopment will be experienced immediately.”

The oval will be able to stay green and healthy with minimal water, making it much more sustainable, said Cr Marcus, and added that the soil and turf being replaced at the oval had been gifted to Victoria University, to be used at sports facilities at its Werribee campus.

“Not only are we upgrading our sports grounds, but we’re ensuring our old materials are reused and recycled,” Cr Marcus said.

Sports Development portfolio holder Cr Peter Maynard said Council was proud to enhance the playing surface of one of its premier football and cricket ovals.

“This new, sustainable playing surface will ensure the oval continues to host many top-class sporting and community events for years to come,” Cr Maynard said. “We’d like to thank the Werribee Cricket Club for their patience as we undertook these important works and I can’t wait to see them hit a six on the redeveloped ground this summer.”

The final touches are now being applied to the oval, which will be open to the public by Christmas.

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