Delhi Rocks—Now open at Swanston Street, Melbourne

By Our Reporter
Dushyant Miglani

“Best Saag chicken I’ve had in my life,” writes an emphatic customer in her review. “Reminded me of chicken dishes from Ludhiana, which leave a unique aroma lingering on fingers.”

Well, that’s what Delhi Rocks does, says owner Dushyant Miglani. “We present patrons with the classics, dishes that remind them of home. After all, when you eat with us, you’re part of the family.”

For an unforgettable Indian adventure served on a platter, Delhi Rocks is the place to go. Dushyant says they have more branches opening now on account of the popularity. “We maintain standards across all our branches. We want to ensure the customer has the same unforgettable food experience in every place,” he says.

Dushyant, who has an Indian Executive Club People’s Choice Award in the cafe and restaurant industry, says it was his dream to start a restaurant, and he is glad that Australia helped him do it. “I was clear from the start. I wanted a restaurant with the ‘taste of home’.”

At the family-run restaurant, says Dushyant, “freshness, authenticity and culinary craftsmanship” come to the fore. “We opened our doors in 2007, so in these 13 years, we have been striving to make sure that Delhi Rocks tops the list of anyone on the hunt for delicious Indian cuisine,” he says.

The restaurant may be just 13, but the recipes, says Dushyant, date back centuries. “We have perfected the recipe over generations. We really love what we do, and you’ll be able to tell from the very first bite,” he says.

Rich creamy curries, crisp tangy chaats, soft scrumptious rotis, Delhi Rocks truly does transport one to the villages of north India.

And it’s not just with their lip-smacking array of dishes that Delhi Rocks has its customers mesmerised, it’s with their prices too. At Delhi Rocks, whether you fancy a takeaway, buffet or the classic restaurant treatment, there is always a great deal going on. Take the Thali meal, for example. That’s three curries, complete with salad, pickles, papadum, chutney, free chai tea and unlimited wholemeal roti bread, all for just $10 a head.

Delhi Rocks also provides catering to events, big or small, corporate or private.


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