Gold Shines For Sydney Fintech Company

By Our Reporter
Sydney-based SendGold, a pioneer in peer-to-peer investment and payments based on gold bullion, offers shares at $0.55 each, with minimum investment of $250
Capital raise follows soft launch in 12 countries including India, China & the UAE
The company hit their first investment goal in 48 hours and the offers ends soon on 19 Dec.
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Peer-to-peer investment and payments platform SendGold is giving investors a chance to join the digital currency revolution by purchasing shares in the company through leading equity crowdfunding platform Birchal.

SendGold have launched a fully-compliant technology platform that enables customers and businesses to hold and instantly exchange history’s most reliable safe haven asset, gold bullion.

More than 7,000 people have signed up for the SendGold app, almost entirely by word-of-mouth. The company will continue to capitalise on their Facebook following of more than 300,000 people, primarily in India, the world’s leading country for gold investment.

For B2B distribution partners SendGold have built a world-first open API Gold-as-a-Service platform for physical gold. This enables partners to embed gold transactions through their existing platforms on a turnkey, white label or branded basis. The company already has Global Rewards Solutions, the world’s largest cloud-based loyalty platform millions of participants in countries including India and China, in live production.

The SendGold app is also targeted as a simple, fast, and cost-effective method for overseas workers and expats to send funds back home, and the company has recently added UAE to their list of available countries. The Dubai/India channel is a major remittances corridor and many workers and investors in both countries prefer to hold gold over their local currencies.

The price of gold has risen 19.5% in Indian rupees in the last 12 months, far outstripping the interest that could be earned in a typical bank account. The gold price in Emirati dirham is up 17.9% in the same period. SendGold payment transfers are instant, compared to bank transfers that can take 1-3 days.

“A year ago we did our first equity crowdfunding campaign”, Ms. Stanton said, “and a lot has changed since then. We’ve released a brand-new version of our app, received our Australian Financial Services licence, and been approved for new payment gateways that will make it easier than ever for people across Asia and the subcontinent to access our product. We are very excited for the year ahead!”

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