A voice seeks inner peace; a report highlights social inclusion

By Siddharth Suresh

A few years ago, Menaka Thomas almost lost her eyesight. But it was that episode in her life that gave her new vision. “When I nearly lost my vision I found myself writing words and trying to express emotion through song,” says the young singer, who then created her first album “My Eyes Can See”.

Menaka continues to write, create, teach and perform, her vision being to unite, inspire and create inner peace through music. On 26 October, Menaka will perform at the Holy Trinity Church Hall in Fortitude Valley, in a Magda Productions event. A concert one ought not to miss.

The University of Melbourne meanwhile has launched its five-year India strategy ‘Engaging with India 2020-2024’—highlighting collaboration in health, water, law, cultural arts and postgraduate teaching and learning. The University’s strategy reinforces long-term commitments to strong Indian partnerships, joint research and collaborative teaching and learning models that address global key challenges and deliver mutual benefit for Australian and Indian societies. Hopefully, this will create more opportunities for Indian partners to share their expertise in Australia.

Also, in August, the Deloitte Access Economics report, commissioned by SBS, was released, which examines the potential for future economic growth. The report found that improving social inclusion in Australia has the potential to unlock a $12.7 billion economic dividend annually, and play a significant role in Australia’s future economic growth and prosperity. The report quantifies for the first time in this way, the potential lift to Australia’s economy that could be driven by improved employment and health outcomes, increased workplace productivity, and reduced costs of social services, as a result of greater social inclusion.


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