Is Wyndham aging well? Council seeks residents support for right answer

By Our Reporter

In an effort to ensuring that Wyndham is a place that supports older residents to lead active, healthy and happy lives, the Wyndham City Council has asked to hear what its residents need to make the City the best place to live.

The Ageing Well in Wyndham Draft Aged Care Service Statement has been released for community feedback to make sure residents have their say on the future of how services, places and infrastructure can meet the needs of our older residents.

Wyndham City Mayor Cr Mia Shaw said the Statement, which covers how Council plans to build, strengthen and create a City which enables residents to age well in Wyndham will be open for public consultation until Wednesday, 5 June.

“The Statement outlines Council’s duties as leader, service provider, partner, planner, facilitator, advocate and its role in ensuring that Wyndham residents have access to range of services that meet their needs,” Cr Shaw said.

“The reason we are developing this document is because the Federal Government’s National Aged Care Reform is likely to change the way that services are funded and delivered.”

The schemes affected could be those that provide aged care supports in the home such as Commonwealth Home Support Program services, Regional Assessment Services, and services such as community transport and the volunteer social support programs.

“We expect the Government will soon provide clarity to the aged care sector and consumers about the design and funding of the future aged care model to support people in their homes. Wyndham residents currently have access to range of services, programs and supports which are provided by a variety of agencies and organisations, including Council,” said Cr Shaw.

“We are working actively to ensure that this is expanded into the future, providing our residents with more choice of service providers and programs when the new Federal reforms are implemented.”

Council plans to enter into a 12-month service agreement with the Federal Government for the continuation of the delivery of ‘In-Home Support’ services from 1 July to 30 June 2020, depending on a several conditions.

“Council is already working actively to ensure that the community has access to a range of agencies, programs and support into the future. So, we have gone above and beyond to document our responsibilities and desires for the growth and improvement of services, programs, infrastructure and public spaces for our older residents,” said Cr Shaw.

She explained that the Service Statement seeks to support the development of a community which is responsive to the needs of our older residents including a thriving aged care industry and promises to monitor the impacts of the Aged Care Reforms.

“If adverse issues occur because of the reforms, we are committed to advocating on behalf of the Wyndham community to ensure we receive the best outcomes. “However, we believe that with good design and implementation, the reforms could introduce more diversity in the market and greater choice and control for the user,” said Cr Shaw.

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