Wyndham Council creates enforcement policy for local laws

By Our Reporter

A new policy will cement Wyndham City’s approach to the way in which we enforce local laws.

The Enforcement Policy was unanimously supported by Councillors at a recent Ordinary Council Meeting, making Wyndham City one of the first Councils to document their approach to enforcement.

Wyndham City’s Safer Communities Portfolio Holder, Cr Kim McAliney, said the policy clearly outlined our shared responsibility with the community in achieving compliance.

“The Enforcement Policy provides Council with a framework to guide our Officers in their enforcement decisions,” Cr McAliney said.

Parking, litter, animal control, town planning, building, and regulation of food businesses are just some of the areas that this policy covers.

Cr McAliney said the policy provides a framework on which Officers will base their enforcement decisions, and a commitment to working alongside other agencies in areas in which Council has joint enforcement responsibilities.

“Council has legal responsibilities and obligations to ensure there is compliance with our local laws, and our community has a responsibility to comply with the laws. This document is Council’s commitment to working together,” Cr McAliney said.

“The policy also outlines our commitment to continuing to raise awareness in our community of individuals’ obligation to comply with local laws. Our enforcement approach is holistic to ensure our municipality is safer, cleaner, and more peaceful for the whole community.”


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