Are Aussies burnt out? New data says yes

By Our Reporter

Stats reveal that 40% feel stressed 2-3 times a week and 25 % feel tired in the mornings

Three-quarters of Aussies experience aches and pains, nearly half are stressed almost every second day, half don’t sleep more when they’re tired, and nearly 1 in 3 never wear sunscreen. Most tired Aussies turn to coffee rather than sleep. Are we burnt out—and is the state of our health a ticking time bomb?

The findings come from a survey of 1,002 Australians, commissioned by Entity Health (, an Australian-made nutraceutical brand that treats specific skin and health conditions.

Despite Australia having the world’s highest rate of skin cancer and approximately two in three Aussies being diagnosed with the disease before age 70, the survey reveals that only a fifth (22%) think about protecting their skin from UV damage daily. A further half (47%) will only think about protection when the sun is out, and 26% will only consider it during summer. Older age groups are more mindful—with twice the amount of over-65s (31%) thinking about UV protection than under-34s (15%).

When it comes to proactively protecting their skin from sun damage, 58% of Aussies don’t wear shirts with sleeves, a further half (52%) don’t hydrate while out in the sun, 37% don’t wear a hat, and a concerning 29% don’t wear sunscreen at all.

The survey also asked about stress and found that 40% of respondents feel stressed two-to-three times a week, a further 32% at least once a week, and a worrying 11% feel it daily or several times a day. The leading causes of stress are family issues (for 46% of respondents), personal finances (for 41%), work issues (38%), and health (35%).

Energy levels are just as sobering. A quarter of respondents feel most tired in the mornings—when, in fact, they should be most energised—while the biggest energy slump is felt in the late afternoons between 3-6pm, with 31% suffering ‘three-thirty-itis’.

To boost energy, half (51%) of Aussies turn to coffee or tea. Surprisingly, 46 % of respondents won’t give themselves more sleep if they feel tired.

Despite joint aches and pains being thought to be conditions linked to ageing, 70% of 18-24-year-olds admit suffering from this at least once a week. Overall three in four Aussies (75%) experience some form of this pain at least once a week, and 54% suffer from it at least two to three times a week.

Chief Medical Officer at Entity Health, Dr Janakan Krishnarajah, says: “We may think that stress, too much sun, lack of energy, and aches and pains are a natural part of life that will only affect us in the present. However, it’s important that we consider the long-term health consequences if we don’t change our current habits and address these factors early on.”

Often, the demands of work and family make it challenging to adequately address the health issues caused by modern day lifestyles, explains Dr Krishnarajah. “In many cases, looking at supplements that are condition specific, such as Entity Health nutraceuticals, are a good solution to addressing these often debilitating health conditions.”

Entity Health’s top 4 tips to improve health conditions for optimum quality of life
  1. Protect yourself against harmful rays. UV radiation damages skin cells, and the effects can be deadly in the long-term. Daily nicotinamide supplement MelaniX is designed to combat sun and UV damage, and has regenerative effects on skin cells.
  2. Understand whether your stress is healthy or unhealthy. Good stress assists with productivity and motivation and can be healthy in small doses—but too much stress can lead to health problems. RevitaliX contains red and black maca, known to reduce symptoms of stress and mild anxiety.
  3. Find natural energy boosters. Avoid caffeine as a stimulant as it can lead to an energy crash and cause sleep disruption. Instead, turn to natural energy boosters such as RestoriX, which boosts the production of NAD+ in the body to support cellular and DNA repair, increase energy levels and combat ageing.
  4. Address joint ache and pain as soon as it starts. Don’t put up with joint aches and pains. Consider taking condition-specific supplements such as FortefiX Plus. This contains the active ingredients of curcumin and boswellia, which decrease inflammation.


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