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Who's Who of Adelaide's & Melbourne's Indian Community 2018
Sukhmeet Singh Ahuja

Sukhmeet Singh Ahuja | Educationist

From 0 to 97 in 10 years, that has been the growth of ANGAD Australian Institute of Technology, says founder Sukhmeet Singh Ahuja, proud as ever.

Sukhmeet moved to Australia in 2000 to do his MBA from Victoria University. In 2007, he founded ANGAD Australian Institute of Technology, which in 2017 was rated the 97th fastest growing company in the country by Australian Financial Review (AFR). “I owe this milestone to my parents, my family and my team who have supported me at every step of my life,” says Sukhmeet. “The single most successful strategy for my growth is anticipating my client needs, exceeding their expectations and adding more value than everyone else.”

This year, Sukhmeet decided to take his mission further and start a charity—“Mission Humanity”—with his wife.

“Always invest time and money in your personal and professional development and never stop learning. This is the single most important investment entrepreneurs can make to make a massive difference in their lives,” says Sukhmeet, who adds that he is inspired by business strategist Anthony Robbins. “He has inspired me to grow exponentially in all six spheres of life—Spirituality, Contribution, Career, Relationships, Health and Wealth.”

As for retirement, he says it is nowhere in the horizon—“I believe when you have a higher purpose in life, retirement is just not in the cards.”

The way I see it

What I invest in… real estate and business

I believe… Always ask yourself what makes you feel alive. The universe needs people who have come alive

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