Business… and a touch of basil

Who's Who of Adelaide's & Melbourne's Indian Community 2018
Somesh Jagga (left)

Somesh Jagga | Entrepreneur

As Somesh Jagga puts it, he has his “fingers in a few pies”. He runs an Optus Business Centre and a themed travel business called ‘Men in White Tour’ that offers ultimate cricket holiday experiences. But he says his heart lies with his creative communications agency ‘Dreamjar Studios’ where his team creates award-winning digital marketing campaigns for businesses as small as startups to blue chip companies like Samsung, Microsoft amongst others. He loves to spend time at his local cricket club, which he thinks is a way to unwind and recharge his batteries. He loves helping his wife in her cafe sometimes to keep himself grounded “The only difference is here I get paid less than $1/hour as my only reward is a piping hot coffee with my favourite basil tomato sandwich,” he says with tongue in cheek.

“I think Australia offers a level playing field for businesses and has immense opportunities for those who are ready to work hard and nurture fair practices. When I got here I decided to leverage my 24 years of life in India by bringing what’s best in India to the Australian market and take what’s good in Australia to the Indian market,” says Somesh, who moved to Australia in 2014.

“On the personal front, I like the fact that being here provides me with the chance to strike a perfect balance between work and life. I get plenty of time to nurture my hobbies and connect better with my inner self,” he says.

Being an Indian-Australian entrepreneur, says Somesh, is a special feeling. “I love the fact that I represent India in a wider multicultural community in the best way possible and contribute in my own little big way to this economy.”

The way I see it

Growth… is happiness and becoming the best version of myself. If I am waking up every morning feeling that I am the better and happier person than I was yesterday, it means I am growing

My business mantra… Life is too short to do things we don’t like

A book I recommend… A Leader who had no title by Robin Sharma

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