Chondryma Chakrobortti


IEC Awards 2018 Finalist — Young Executive [Female]

Chondryma juggles many roles—diversity champion, industry mentor for TechGirls in secondary schools, IT project manager and multicultural ambassador. “Every woman tries to strike a balance of having a meaningful personal life while standing on the profit and loss curve of a great career,” says Chondryma.

Some excel within a short span but most lack confidence or persistence and end up funnelling themselves into roles which are not challenging enough. Chondryma chose to work towards empowering women thereby maintaining a 50-50 ratio of women in leadership positions in her firm.

Over the last 12 years, she has been working with Accenture to build strong client relationships, and generate revenue for the company, but most important, work with women leaders and executives.

Chondryma recently met with Opposition Leader Matthew Guy to discuss the lack of cultural diversity and representation of women from multicultural backgrounds in Australian business, politics, government, and civil society.


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