Govt announces new solar initiative, up to $6,000 in grants


The Government of South Australia has recently announced an exciting new initiative to provide renewable energy solutions to everyday South Australians. This includes loans to set up solar panels on residential homes or add to existing panels. Even more exciting is the opportunity for households to add battery storage to their homes with rebates up to $6,000, making it more accessible and affordable.

What does all this mean? How can you access these initiatives? What are the criteria for eligibility? What do the loans constitute?

Very good questions and questions which, currently, no-one is yet in a position to accurately answer.

The local Government is shortly to release further information regarding this. However, it’s important to note that this announcement has and will continue to create a flurry of activity in this space, and Apex has built its reputation on quality, effective and suitable solutions in the marketplace. You can find answers to all your questions at


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