Guardians of discovery


Choosing a day care or early learning centre for your child can be daunting for parents. The centres are aplenty, but one often wonders about how good they really are. Other factors that parents take into consideration before making a decision are location and cost.

Guardian Early Learning Centres are unique in that the curriculum focuses on developing a range of skills including literacy, numeracy, creativity, physical and social to create lifelong learners ready for transition to school. Educators here believe in lifelong learning and provide our educators with ongoing professional development to further their skills.

The sights sounds and spaces of the city provide endless opportunities for discovery and development. The urban location of the centre inspires young minds with learning coming to life through meaningful play-based experiences, projects and excursions.

With their CBD centres located close to workplaces and public transport, and provided with added conveniences such as pram parking, nutritious meals and snacks, as well as the opportunity to drop in any time during the day to spend time with the child make it among the first choices for parents. Think art ateliers, al fresco dining, and water play areas… just some of the features at the centres.

Guardian also offers a range of corporate partnerships for businesses interested in providing additional support for working parents. To find out more, call on 13 82 30 or email


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