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Who's Who of Sydney's Indian Community 2018
Rahul Singhal and family

Rahul Singhal (Entrepreneur)

Having arrived on Australian shores in October 2017, Rahul Singhal says he finds the country a “land of opportunities, a perfect mix of everything that one can think of”.

Rahul, who started his professional career as a sales representative with American Express, believes that there is a subtle difference between a businessperson and an entrepreneur. “A business person could be any one running his/her own business, but an entrepreneur is a person who designs, launches, in short creates and manages a new business venture. It doesn’t matter where you come from, if you have a vision, you will turn out to be an extra-ordinary business person,” says Rahul.

For Rahul, now the Director of Shutiq, a premium shoe boutique catering to the fashion needs of a sophisticated and specialised clientele, growth means togetherness. He believes that when one focusses on the growth of one’s colleagues and partners at work, one automatically grows with them. It is all about creating a win-win situation, for growth never happens in isolation.

Rahul enjoys shopping and travelling and watching movies during his down time, and his advice to budding entrepreneurs is very simple: “If you want to be successful, KNOW what you are doing, LOVE what you are doing and BELIEVE in what you are doing.”

The way I see it

Business mantra? Get your head in the game.

Best read. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Getting ahead… Work until you don’t have to introduce yourself.

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