A show that celebrates fashion, creates self-awareness


Shamshir’s Little Runway—Mini Me Project hopes to raise funds for their campaign against child abuse

Journey into the world of sugar and spice and all things nice. The Mini Me Project, Adelaide’s first and only dedicated children’s self-awareness pageant, is gearing up to showcase the latest in kids fashion. Initiated by Shamshir (the human rights mission group) founder Saru Rana and Shamsheer Rana Tandon, the Mini Me motto is simple—to raise funds to ensure children are aware of any kind of abuse or assault.

“The girls are honoured to have the chance to impart self-awareness skills most effectively. Many sessions before the show include components for involving the family and community in promoting the teaching of self-awareness,” say the founders, adding that it gives parents and carers the chance to learn how to support children emotionally. This is the second edition of the Mini Me Project, the first having been held in 2017 on the theme “Innocence”.

“Each child is unique and special, and each of our amazing children deserves to be the STAR! Every year, the final day of the Mini Me Fashion Show, they are!” says Saru.

“They share with us their hopes, dreams, favourite things and we let them strut their stuff on the runway,” adds Shamsheer. The Mini Me Fashion Show is truly the heart and soul of work at Shamshir’s ‘The Dark Campaign’.

“If you missed the 2017 Mini Me Fashion Show, is isn’t too early to start planning to attend the 2018 edition. With diversity being an important part of this year’s festival, kids of all shapes, sizes and cultures will be taking the stage. Keep checking back to shamhsir.net for updates on our plans for an amazing 2018 show,” says Saru.


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