Alpha’s advantage keeps Australia moving

By Our Reporter

With its car hire and airport parking services Alpha helps customers steer clear of travel stress

Love it or hate it—driving is a quintessential part of Australian life. We live in a vast country, one that we enjoy exploring. From the lush tropical rain forests and crystal-clear reefs of Far North Queensland, to the raw uncharted landscape of our red centre, Australian’s and international visitors are spoilt for road trip options.

But sometimes you just need a car to get to work, get the kids to school or sports, see your mum or get some groceries. Alpha recognised this need 12 years ago and put its first car hire fleet on the road in Brisbane. Starting off as a small family owned and operated business, Alpha Car Hire was out to deliver Australians everyday low car hire prices and great customer service. Since then, Alpha Car Hire has grown from 3 staff and 15 cars to a nationwide network of more than 3,000 vehicles, over 100 staff and 10 locations, making it a major player in the off-airport car hire industry.

Delivering car hire customers from the airport terminal to branch to pick up a hire car, and back again when they drop off, requires a dedication to operational excellence. This learning opened the door into the airport parking market, maximising the fleet of shuttle buses that were already on the ground. Today, Alpha Airport Parking operates out of the three airport locations: Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne, with Perth opening soon. With a massive 1,400 parking spaces, both undercover and open air, the Brisbane location is a hive of activity from 4am in the morning, getting those early bird flyers onto their 6am flights, until well after the last flight lands in the evening.

We all know the stress of travelling, and the Alpha team are ticking off some big boxes. With daily prices dropping to as little as $7 (for stays of 10 days or more) and drop offs directly outside the terminal doors, they have taken away the hip-pocket pain of expensive airport parking and are saving everyone that notoriously long walk across the never-ending airport car park—a bonus when travelling with small children who will throw themselves on the ground in a flood of tears the minute your travel-stress starts to red line.

Taking advantage of the fleet already in operation, 2012 saw Alpha move into the car finance market with a unique offering—late model vehicles with low upfront deposits and weekly repayments that included registration and insurance. Knowing that bad things can happen to good people, Alpha has put a helping hand out to consumers who are looking to rebuild their financial position. This year will see Alpha Car Finance expand its service to Perth and Newcastle, providing even more Australian’s with the opportunity to lease a stylish reliable vehicle, that will hold its value over the term of the lease.

So whether they are parking cars for airport travellers, providing wheels for vacationers, helping locals move house with easy-drive trucks, or delivering financed vehicles to consumers in need of a second chance at building the financial position, Alpha is supporting everyone looking for good value and great service.

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