Together as one


WOW, a new movement by women for women, hopes to empower through real life stories of courage and grit

Women of the World—WOW—is a dream that hopes to bring women together around great causes and make those unimaginable, yet measurable changes.

Saru Rana

WOW is another initiative in advancing Shamshir and RASA (Relationships Australia) in empowering women, and the women going the extra mile to encourage others everywhere to pursue their dreams are Enaam Oudih, manager (Multicultural Services at RASA) and Saru Rana, founder (Shamshir). “The idea was to acknowledge and share the extraordinary stories of the extra extraordinary women around us which can inspire us all to make a bigger impact,” says Enaam.

“The concept of women acknowledging other women and sharing their stories, while demonstrating just how powerful a force females can be when they support one another—is WOW in every sense of the word,” says Saru.

Saru and Enaam share the same belief that standing up for a woman can help her voice be heard throughout the world. “So many women joined hands in voicing their stories to this WOW project because their stories could provide support to other women,” explains Saru. “When women work together, we accomplish amazing things.”

WOW, in collaboration with RASA, Shamshir, Peace Multicultural and Mosaic has created a platform that allows many others to have their voices and stories heard, and help each other succeed. The WOW event was held at the Cyprus Community of South Australia on 23 March and meant to mark International’s Women Day (8 March).

With Judith Cross and Nora Darius as the keynote speakers, the evening also had Katherine Leane, Eavy EM, Saadia Nasir Ali, Sharna Ciotti and Veronica Fomba in conversation with Barbara Baird playing moderator. The women shared their inspirational life experiences and made a lasting impression encouraging women to join hands—to grow, to be strong, to inspire, to be inspired, to have a voice and to be themselves.

Addressing the gathering of 200 amazing women at the WOW event as a “big family”, Saru and Enaam say they will always be on the lookout for hands to join their team.


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