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Who's Who of Melbourne's Indian Community 2017
Uvaraja Hariramakrishnan

Uvaraja Hariramakrishnan (Raja)—Entrepreneur

Sabrini Foods (formerly known as Sabi Foods) is the reason many brands in Australia such as Pattu, Daawat, Vadilal, Sabrini, Miller, QBB, Chings Secret, are so popular. And the man behind the brand is Uvaraja Hariramakrishnan or Raja as he is known.

Raja arrived in Australia in 1996, with the single-minded vision of getting into the food industry because that was what his family did back home in India. “I started researching the industry for a year started the first sales in 1999. Our goal was to have our brand Pattu in every Indian house in Australia. Almost 20 years later, we believe we have gone into every Indian household in this country,” says Raja, who recently added new brands such as Shan Masala, GRB Ghee, Manna Foods and Utsav to the range.

A different side

I believe: The secret to a successful business is very simple. I work for tomorrow, not today. Working for tomorrow takes care of today

What I love about Australia: Infrastructure and the peace

What I love about India: My extended family lives there

Favourite hang-out in Melbourne: All the restaurants as Melbourne is the world capital of cuisine

A must-read: Cows Don’t Give Milk by Promod Batra

My advice to entrepreneurs: FOCUS

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