New cities, new vision, The Indian Sun is on the rise

By Our Reporter

It’s been an extremely productive year for The Indian Sun with the launch of the South Australia and QLD editions.

The Adelaide edition was launched in March with The Indian Sun collaborating with Saru Rana in giving a voice for Indians in South Australia. Founder of Shamshir and Diversity and Empowerment, candidate for local council elections in 2014, and women’s support coordinator for FISCA, Saru is the face of women’s empowerment in South Australia. Married to a white Australian, born to a Muslim mother and a Sikh father, Saru glorifies multiculturalism within the family. Breaking down all cultural barriers, Saru is well respected within South Australian African Groups and Ahmadiya Muslim Community.  She is considered the flag bearer of multiculturalism and is known for bringing cultures and communities together.

Saru is not just a community leader who speaks for victims of domestic violence. She is also a school teacher. In her spare time, she gives The Indian Sun leadership in Adelaide. Through her association with The Indian Sun, we have come in contact with some great people in Adelaide.

This March also marked the first event in Sydney under the Indian Executive Club banner for Who’s Who. The inaugural annual edition in Sydney showcased passionate business leaders, professionals and executives from the Indian diaspora, with each story as inspiring as the next.

We had a great set of speakers at the annual IEC awards, with OLX India founder Amarjit Singh Batra delivering the keynote address. It was certainly an impressive participation of businesses and executives at this year’s awards showing signs of a maturing platform.

To all the winners of the IEC awards, congratulations and keep inspiring. And to our readers, a Merry Christmas!


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