Teen raises voice against sexual violence

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Simran Keswani hopes her ‘Case Closed Project’ will give survivors of abuse the support they deserve

The gawkiness of being a teenager doesn’t change much no matter which generation one grows up in. And Simran Keswani is part of the teen generation that is often criticised for being selfish, self-centred, self-consumed, lazy and inconsiderate. Still, Simran dares to be different. She is not to be deterred by any of these and knows that she can make a difference. With this intention she started the initiative, the ‘Case Closed Project’, a campaign that “aims to bestow women around Australia with a voice to rise up against sexual violence and victim blaming by reshaping the mindsets of society”.

Simran Keswani hopes her ‘Case Closed Project’ will give survivors of abuse the support they deserve
Simran Keswani

A student of Cherrybrook Technology High School, Simran describes herself as an inquisitive person whose believes that “the little things at the end of the day really matter”. She says that she is “also very strong-opinioned” about “herself, her morals, beliefs and work”.

“The idea for ‘Case Closed’ germinated one January evening when I started to reflect about how it was getting dark and how the running shorts I was wearing were beginning to make me uncomfortable. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew it was because should anything happen, questions would be raised upon my outfit and why I was out,” says Simran.

That was the moment she decided she wanted to do something. “I’ve always wanted to make a change somehow in this world, no matter how small, and I’ve always believed everyone has the power to make a change.”

In order to draw the attention of the public to her cause, Simran decided to call her project the ‘‘Case Closed Project’, representing the closing of justice provided when it comes to women who have been abused. In the future she plans to take this campaign and build on it significantly “to a point where it has the ability to not only bring change into society, but also provide survivors with the support to gain the justice they deserve”.

“I know I’ll do whatever it takes to get to my destination, even with all the failures. I see myself as just a young girl who’s trying to cherish her visions and dreams to make her mark on the world around her,” she says.

As a start, she is organising a ‘charity gala dinner’ on Saturday, 25 November at the Cherrybrook Community Centre. The event supports the White Ribbon in its fight against sexual violence. For details do contact Simran on keswanisimi@gmail.com


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