Wyndham takes a stand against gender bias

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Supports international Women’s Health West 16 Days Activist Challenge that runs between White Ribbon Day and the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women (25 November) and International Human Rights Day (10 December)

Learn, reflect, educate and challenge. That’s what Wyndham City will be doing this month as they continue the movement to end violence against women. Wyndham City is proudly supporting the Women’s Health West 16 Days Activist Challenge, and is encouraging all residents to do the same.

The international campaign runs between White Ribbon Day and the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women (25 November) and International Human Rights Day (10 December).

Wyndham City’s Safer Communities Portfolio Holder, Cr Kim McAliney, urged residents to take on the challenge. “We can all play a part in ending gender inequity by taking on the 16 simple actions outlined in this challenge. We all have a role to play,” Cr McAliney said.

“Learn to recognise victim blaming, learn about unconscious gender bias, learn about the concepts of gender equality, equity and patriarchy, and learn about sexual consent, gender and power. Use this time to also reflect on the impact of gender stereotypes on children, look for gender bias in movies and on the television, pay attention to women’s voices, and reflect on who does certain chores around the house,” she added.

“As part of this campaign, you should also recognise the media’s promotion of harmful gender stereotypes, recognise how violence against women is also a men’s issue and share that with all the men in your life. Look into the gender pay gap, and make sure others are aware of it too. also, call out the myths about violence against women,” she said.

Cr McAliney said residents should challenge sexism in advertising magazines, and other mediums, talk to men about healthy masculinity and question the advantages men experience because of their gender.

Cr McAliney also invited residents to attend a community event as part of White Ribbon Day. “WEstJustice’s Vincent Shin will be the guest speaker at the annual Grange Community Centre White Ribbon Day Community Walk on 23 November,” Cr McAliney said. “Departing from The Grange Community Centre at 9.30am, the group will walk to the Plaza Library for a light morning tea and to hear from Mr Shin.”

Cr McAliney said Wyndham City is also in the process of developing a Gender Equity Strategy.

“Gender equity is everybody’s business, and Council is committed to doing its part to end this issue—not only in our community—but across the world,” Cr McAliney.

For more information on the 16 Days Activist Challenge, visit www.16daysactivist.whwest.org.au; To RSVP to the Grange Community Centre event phone 9742 8000 or email enquiries@grangecommunity.org.au


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