Epic tour of Sri Lanka

Jospephs Gate

Relive the story of Rama and Sita

King Dashratha’s of Ayodhya had four sons by three different wives—Rama (the oldest), Lakshman and Satrugna (the twins) and Bharat (the youngest). Rama was the most courageous and married the most beautiful princess, Sita, the only daughter of King Janaka.

This following story is not a myth but reported to be a true event. And tours to this historical site of epic love, a story of devotion, are available, and truth be told, a massive hit among tourists.

The story goes… Prince Rama and Princess Sita made their home in the jungles of Southern India. They lived happily, until one day the evil king of Lanka, Ravana, disguised himself as a deer and stole Sita away from their cottage to his Island kingdom of Lanka while Rama went to fetch the golden deer. When Ravana took Sita to Lanka, he demanded that she give into his desires. Sita refused and remained faithful to Rama.

Rama searched for Sita all around the world. Help for Rama arrived in the shape of the monkey-god, Hanuman, who flew through the kingdom to find Sita. Then he raised an army of animals who built a bridge, so Rama could walk across the water to Lanka. There was a battle between Rama and Ravana, which Rama won. Rama saved the world from Ravana’s clutches, and took Sita back to Ayodhya in triumph.

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