Is there ever too much snow?


Clearly, not when there’s so much adventure and fun in it

There’s lots of reasons to love going to Falls Creek—and not just for the fabulous skiing and snowboarding.  The scenery—is just amazing and the friendliness of the mountain won me over very quickly.

I spent a week with a number of newbie skiers and we were made welcome to all the mountain had to offer. I think the thing about Falls Creek is it is so pro-active in striving forward to initiate programs that will be a hit with the public.  When you learn to ski or snowboard there they make it not just lesson but an adventure.

Seeing characters on the mountain such as SpongeBob SquarePants and of course Pete the Dragon you can’t but help being drawn into the fantasy.

In a Southern Hemisphere first, Nickelodeon has partnered up with Australia’s most family friendly ski resort to bring children of all ages a snow adventure to remember.

Falls Creek plan on continuing this partnership through to next year 2018 where you can

Swift through SpongeBob’s ski course, tackle Mr. Krabb’s Freezer Dash obstacle course, let your little ones enjoy Plankton’s Playground, test your aim at Squidward’s Snowball Splash or channel your inner artist and Build a SnowBob together.

Not only that Falls Creek offered us a choice of on mountain experiences such as dining and even skiing to your favourite coffee haunt.

Our accommodation was amazing being situated in a 3 level chalet with everything you need for comfort and style. Sometimes I felt it all too good to be true as even the little critters such as the bunnies knew when to come out on cue and do their thing to excite the kids and enthral the adults.

Skiing and snowboarding are rated with colours—with green being the easiest and blue intermediate and then of course black being for the well advanced.  I can now proudly boast after years of skiing I think I am a confident blue run girl.   However, when I saw how quickly my new disciples forged ahead, I decided to curb my skiting (Australian for boasting).


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